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Calm down tensions in Syria, Xi urges
China has always opposed the easy use of force in international relations and the tension in Syria should be eased as soon as possible, President Xi Jinping said on Thursday.
Chinese air force conducts island patrols
A Chinese air force formation conducted island patrols recently during a training exercise with an aim of improving the ability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.
China approves master plan for Xiongan New Area
Chinese authorities have approved the master plan for Xiongan New Area, the creation of which will be of "lasting importance for the millennium to come."
South China base for deep-sea vessels under discussion
A South China base for deep-sea research vessels is under discussion and pending approval for completion in Hainan Province by 2019.
China warns Australia over hostile sentiment
If Australia considers exchanges between countries as interference, it should lock itself up in the dark room, the Chinese foreign ministry said on Thursday.
Cyber security, clean internet enhanced after years of efforts
After two years of efforts to enhance cyber security, China's internet has been significantly purified, with citizens' interests better safeguarded.
U.S. ban "extremely unfair," "unacceptable": ZTE
Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE Corp said on Friday that it won't accept the United States' ban on the company, calling it "extremely unfair".


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